Our Story

Our Story

1936 - Grandfather Tuxford

1936 - Grandfather Tuxford owed Garages and Triumph and Rover dealerships serving the local Nottingham community, which is still in the family.

1960's - Dad Tuxford was running cattle transporter

1960's - Dad Tuxford was running cattle transporter, carting cows from Nottingham Market across the country in battered old trucks that sputtered with exhaustion as they hit 25mph.

1970's - Dad started to buy trucks

1970's - Dad started to buy trucks and break them up for spares that he would sell locally and to Exporters.

1975 - Beginning of Tuxford export trade

1975 - Beginning of Tuxford export trade - Dad pulled an engine out of an old crane he was scrapping, and placed an ad in 'Resale Weekly' publication over time he received a letter from Hong Kong wishing to purchase the engine. The sale took 3 months to complete due to passage of mail in those days.
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1980's - Hong Kong, Malaysia & Khartoum

1980's - Dad was shipping used vehicles and spares to Hong Kong, and he also did a little business in Malaysia and supplied Bedford trucks to a family bakery in the Sudanese capital Khartoum.

Richard Tuxford -16 year old

1983 - Richard Tuxford joined his Dad in the business as a 16 year old earning £48 a week to learn the trade.

1987 - Words of wisdom & a loan

1987 - Richard Tuxford got itchy feet and want to go on his own. So with some cherished words of wisdom from my Father and £5,000 loan from his mother, Richard ventured out into the business world on his own and RC Tuxford Exports (Tuxford's) began operations. To this day, Richard still owes his Mum £5,000.

1988 - a foothold in Europe

1988 - After continual trips into Europe, Tuxford's gained a foothold supplying goods into Europe including the Netherlands, Denmark and Belgium.

1989 - Foothold into Asia

1989 - Tuxford's establishes a Foothold into Asia - My first Customer was Lim, in Singapore, and through word of mouth and good service, I started to make waves in the asian market. Singapore became my gateway to Asia.
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1990 - Tuxford's establishes a Foothold into the Middle East

1990 - Tuxford's establishes a Foothold into the Middle East, which started in cities, such as Zarqa, in the north-east of Jordan, which is a free-zone making it more attractive to international investors and industry.

1993 - Tuxford's establishes a Foothold into the South America

1993 - Tuxford's establishes a Foothold into the South America - with bases in Peru and Chile. We were leaders in the South American used parts business and Peru’s biggest exporter of second hand vehicle components.

1995 - Tuxfords began dealing with clients in the African continent

1995 - Tuxford's began dealing with clients across the African continent from Western Sahara to Somalia, and from Egypt down to Cape Town, South Africa.

1999 - Tuxford's Moved to Calverton

1999 - Tuxford's Moved to it new 24 acres Calverton premises, on the edge of Nottingham, to meet the significant growth and expansion requirements need to meet our growing export market. This new yard allows for a massive stock holding of more than 700 vehicles.

2003 - Korea becomes a key market

2003 - Korea became a key market for us at the time because there was an age limit on vehicles. My Korean contact Georgie and I would pick up lots of Scania goodies there, from double drive bogies to engines and complete vehicles that were out of date in Korea.
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2011 - Truckmasters Global Truck Recylers

2011 - Truckmasters Global Truck Recylers was formed by mother and son. Charmaine had been in the heavy transport industry for over 30 years, and Byron has worked in the industry all his life. Truckmasters 1st premises was a single shed in Tongaat, KZN, South Africa selling truck spares and the repair and recondition of gearboxes and diffs.
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2012 - Tuxford's associated with Truckmasters

2012 - Tuxford's formed an association with Truckmasters Global Truck Recylers to assist RC Tuxfords in the export South African Trucks to Malaysia.

2013 - Tuxford's opened a state of the art Storage facility

2013 - Tuxford's opened their £2million purpose built new parts warehouse, which is just another step in our drive to provide customers with the best possible service.

2014 - Tuxford - Environmentally aware / Recycling

2014 - Tuxford - key steps taken to ensure we are as close to carbon neutral as possible and we proudly to hold a license for Vehicle Depollution & Dismantling, and we are an authorised Treatment Facility
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2015 - Obtained IS0 1401 Accreditation & end of life licence

2015 - Obtained IS0 1401 Accreditation specifies requirements for an environmental management system. This Accreditation is very difficult to obtain, and is a clear indicator of our endeavor to reduce the environmental impact of our business.

2015 - Tuxford's and Truckmasters alliance

2015 - Tuxford's and Truckmasters Global Truck Recylers formed an alliance, which includes an expansion of Tuxford's African used trucks spares into Africa.

2015 - Truckmasters Global Truck Recylers continual growth

2015 - Truckmasters Global Truck Recylers through continual growth moved to larger premises of 50,000 sqm to deal with growing market

2016 - Truckmasters Global Truck Recylers became a member of the Tuxford's of companies

Sustaining the Environment - We aim to recycle 100% of all truck & plant

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Why Choose Tuxford Africa?

Market leaders

We are the Market leaders in the exportation of used heavy transport vehicles, trucks,  used spares and plant equipment.

Social Responsibilities

We fulfill social responsibilities by recycling wherever possible, nothing goes to waste.

Highly Experienced staff

Our staff is highly experienced and provide second-to-none customer service.

All Major Brands

We supply all major brands, with hundreds of quality vehicles, spares and plant equipment on site.

New Parts Service

We offer an ultra-reliable new parts service to keep your current fleet on the road.

Building Africa, Building Trust

We are invested in Africa and committed to building lasting business partnerships.